Our Story

Bev is inspired by a woman who believed that anything was possible.

She believed that the power of education could transform lives and lift up those around her. She was driven in her ambition to pursue a road beyond.

Beverley, or Bev as she was known to those who loved her, was kind, thoughtful and compassionate. From a young age, she strove to pave her own path and along the way she found a man who would become the love of her life.

Together they built a strong, loving home and family for their four beautiful children.

Always thinking of those around her, she endeavoured to impart her values to those whom she loved the most. With every day, she reminded them to cherish a few simple principles – love, honour, kindness, family, dignity, and humility.

It is in her memory that we have created Bev.

At the tender age of forty-four, we lost her to cancer. While she may not be here today, her legacy lives on with us.

Bev is the embodiment of everything she stands for.

It is everything we cherish about her as a woman, loving mother, and wife.

Her style, her elegance, and her eternal grace.

So, we share this story with you in the hope that her legacy passes on to you.

Bev is about believing in the boundless possibility of you.